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Findings on chest x-ray:

Sometimes an air bronchogram
More often described as an homogeneous opacity with or w/o recognizable segmental distribution

May be an inhomogeneous opacity with or w/o recognizable segmental distribution
acute pneumonia-like

There is no mention in the appendix of Fraser et al in the last ed:

Dunnick et al radiology 1976 5 cases
Fraser (text) 1 one case

CT findings: enriched disussion with:
Ooi gc, chim cs, et al, clin radiol 1999 (a 6 patients studies)
Lewis et al. AJR 1991 (a 31 patients studies)

In lymphoma presented as an aleolar infiltrate, a tissue analyse is needed to prove the diagnosis. "the extreme rapidity of roentgenographic progression of parenchymal consolidation invariably leads to a suspicion of acute pneumonia and lung biopsy is usually necessary to establish the true nature of the process" Fraser.


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