The Christie Memorial Lecture was created to honour the memory of one of the major leaders in respiratory research and education in Canada – Dr. Ronald Christie. Dr. Christie was an inspiration in the development of modern respiratory medicine in Canada and was renowned as dean and head of the Department of Medicine at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, as well as being a major supporter of the CTS. The award was renamed in 2012 to the CTS Honorary Lecture and allows attribution to other esteemed individuals whom CTS wishes to recognize in named lecture. The lecturer is chosen on the basis of his or her major contributions to the development of research, education or clinical excellence in the field of Canadian respiratory medicine; their demonstrated strength and reputation in the field; and their support/participation in CTS. The CTS Honorary Lecture is featured as part of the CTS Scientific Program at the CHEST Annual Meeting.

Year Location Name Topic
1985 Vancouver Ludwig Engel Creativity
1986 Toronto
1987 Winnipeg Nick Anthonisen Respiratory Medical Manpower
1988 Ottawa David Bates First Christie Lecture
1989 Edmonton Brian Sproule Poliomyelitis in the West
1990 Toronto Moran Campbell History of Oxygen
1991 Québec City Reuben Cherniak Interstitial Lung Disease
1992 Ottawa Margo Becklake Study of Epidemiology of Airway Disease
1993 Vancouver William Thurlbeck Emphysema
1994 Toronto Noe Zamel Tristan da Cunha
1995 Montréal Norman Jones Exercise
1996 Halifax Peter Macklem Asthma & Earthquakes
1997 Vancouver James Hogg
1998 Toronto Bill Jeanes History of the CTS
1999 Montréal Joseph Milic-Emili 153 Years of Blowing: Since John Hutchinson
2000 Toronto Clarence Guenter All The World’s our Stage
2001 Philadelphia Frederick Hargreave Clinical research
2002 San Diego Eliot Phillipson Control of Breathing
2003 Orlando Moira Chan Yeung Occupational Asthma
2004 Seattle Magdy Younes Pathogenesis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
2005 Montreal David Cotton Diffusion of Gas in the Lung
2006 Salt Lake City Peter Paré The Identification of Susceptibility Genes for Complex Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Disease
2007 Chicago Peter Warren The Nature and Causes of COPD – A Historical Perspective
2008 Philadelphia John Remmers Sleeping and Breathing: the Human Conundrum
2009 San Diego Art Slutsky Mechanical Ventilation: From Vesalius to VILI
2010 Vancouver Jerome Dempsey New Ideas about Chemoreceptors and their Importance
2011 Honolulu Malcolm Sears A Physician’s Journey into Epidemiology
2012 Atlanta Susan Tarlo Occupational Asthma, a largely preventable disease
2013 Chicago Donald Cockcroft Allergen-Induced Asthma: Historical review & development
2014 Austin, TX Richard Long Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis
2015 Montreal, QC Paul O’Byrne Asthma and Allergens
2016 Los Angeles Darcy Marciniuk COPD: State of the Art Update for Clinicians
2017 Toronto Don Sin Precision Health in COPD: The Future is Now