Position Name Province
Co-Chair CTS Erika Penz Saskatchewan
co-Chair CRHP Raymond Aceron Alberta
Vice co-Chair CTS Joshua Wald Ontario
Vice co-Chair CRHP Vacant
Academic Respirologist Andrea Gershon Ontario
CRHP Representative Marla Beauchamp  Ontario
Community Respirologist Lian Szabo Nova Scotia
Researcher Michael Stickland
Early Career Representative Vacant
Past co-Chair CTS Mohit Bhutani Alberta
Past co-Chair CRHP Gail Dechman Nova Scotia

For the latest COPD evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and statements, click here to access the CTS Guideline Library.

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The COPD Assembly annual meeting will take place in the fall of 2022.

Click here to access and download the latest CTS and non-CTS COPD tools and resources.

January 19, 2022 – Click here for the recording
Telerehabilitation for chronic respiratory disease: a randomised controlled equivalence trial
Presented by:  Dr. Moaaz Rashad from McMaster University
Moderated by:  Gail Dechman and Michael Stickland

March 23, 2022 – Click here for the recording
A critical review of the respiratory benefits and harms of orally administered opioids for dyspnea management in COPD
Presented by:  Jeffrey Marciniuk from McGill University
Moderated by:  Donna Goodridge and Jean Bourbeau

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Erika Penz, COPD Assembly Co-Chair

Raymond Aceron, COPD Assembly Co-Chair

Welcome to the COPD assembly. One of the greatest aspects of the assembly structure is the opportunities for members to get involved! Our assembly has responsibilities for overseeing projects, for leading meetings to develop guidelines and statements for evidence-based research and clinical practice, for developing educational materials, for mentoring junior professionals, networking, and for advocacy. We encourage you to reach out and volunteer your time and talents to help advance our assembly priorities by joining our webinars, journal clubs, and annual meetings as well as working on projects listed under workplan priorities.

Raymond and Erika

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