COVID-19: Information for Healthcare Professionals & the Respiratory Community

CTS Guidance Documents
Our CTS members and experts from across the country are developing position statements to help Canadian physicians optimize management for their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The position statements are published in the CTS Canadian Journal of Respiratory Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. They are also available in the CTS Guideline Library.

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What's New:

NEW: Report on the ‘Aerosol Precautions and PPE Roundtable’ – hosted by CTS and CSRT on May 17, 2021

Biologic Therapy and the COVID-19 vaccine – Advice for individuals with asthma –  June 30, 2021

CTS Information and Guidance for Respiratory Health Care Professionals on COVID-19 Vaccination – Revised June 1,  2021

Bronchoscopy during the COVID-19 pandemicA CTS Position Statement Published June 14, 2021

Addendum to Resumption of Pulmonary Function Testing during the Post-Peak Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Position Statement from the CTS and the CSRT – December 9, 2020

Triaging Access to Critical Care Resources in Patients With Chronic Respiratory Diseases in the Event of a Major COVID-19 Surge Published December 2020

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CTS Statement on Salbutamol Inhaler Shortage

The CTS participated in multi-stakeholder meetings with Health Canada to discuss mitigation strategies for an emerging salbutamol inhaler shortage in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CTS Asthma and COPD Assembly Steering Committees developed rapid guidance for Canadian physicians recommending options for Salbutamol MDI substitutions in the event of a shortage.

The pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation and this page will be updated frequently as information becomes available. If you have suggestions for how CTS can best support the respiratory, critical care, and sleep medicine community, please contact:  Anne Van Dam at

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Our amazing CTS Members IN THE NEWS!

June 29, 2021 – Dr. Samir Gupta:  CBC News:  What you need to know about the delta variant.



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