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Date Titre de l’entrevue Membre de la SCT
décembre 2021 CTV News Montreal – Holiday gatherings likely to be complicated this year Dre Kim Lavoie
20 décembre 2021 Toronto Star – Balancing boosters with global vaccine equity: time for Canada to step up Dr. Samir Gupta
26 septembre 2021 CBC Nouvelle-Écosse: Mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers Dr. Paul Hernandez
2 avril 2021 CBC News – VIDÉO – Quel est le meilleur vaccin contre le COVID-19 ?  Dr Samir Gupta
6 fevrier 2021 CBC News – Simple hacks to make your face mask more effective Dr Samir Gupta
18 novembre 2020 CBC Morning Live: Hope is Not a Strategy Dr Samir Gupta
12 septembre 2020 CTV news (Montréal, Québec) – entrevue: Testing is the best way to contain a second wave of COVID-19: study Dr Richard Menzies
29 juillet 2020 Radio Canada (Regina, Sask) – entrevue à 07 h 48: Le port du masque est-il un risque pour la santé? Dr Jean Bourbeau
23 juillet 2020 Radio Canada (Québec) – entrevue à 15 h 34: Masques:  quelles sont les conditions médicales pour ne pas avoir à le porter? Dr Jean Bourbeau
18 juillet 2020 Toronto : des manifestants expriment leur refus de porter un masque Dr Mohit Bhutani
17 juillet 2020 Just wear the mask and other truths from actual doctors Dr Kenneth Chapman
14 juillet 2020 Dr. Samir Gupta answers your COVID-19 questions Dr Samir Gupta
3 juillet 2020 How to make COVID-19 mask-wearing a habit: Social scientists offer some suggestions Dre Kim Lavoie
4 juin 2020 Ottawa researchers launch study of pandemic’s impact on homeless Dre Smita Pakhale
27 mai 2020 Getting ahead of the curve: A comprehensive COVID-19 testing strategy for Canada Dr Dick Menzies
20 mai 2020 Toronto respirologist tackles current questions on COVID-19 Dr Samir Gupta
13 mai 2020 How are Ottawa’s most vulnerable residents being affected by the pandemic? Dre Smita Pakhale
26 avril 2020 Asthma and coronavirus – what are the risks?  Dr Shawn Aaron
15 avril 2020 How countries are responding to the crisis Dr Simon Bacon
11 avril 2020 Asthma and respiratory diseases are dangerous pre-existing health condition for anyone contracting the COVID-19 virus. Joined by Dr. Christopher Licskai, Co-chair of Asthma Assembly of the Canadian Thoracic Society. Dr Christopher Licskai
7 avril 2020 Why we should all be wearing masks — and how our public health authorities got it wrong Dr Samir Gupta
5 avril 2020 What you need to know before wearing a mask Dr Samir Gupta
3 avril 2020 Winnipeg Ventilator tapped for Canada’s fight against coronavirus Dr Magdy Younis
1 avril 2020 Canadian health-care workers preserving personal protective equipment as COVID-19 cases rise Dr Samir Gupta
30 mars 2020 B.C. doctor warns of deadly ‘double whammy’ if coronavirus persists into wildfire season Dr Don Sin
27 mars 2020 A lung specialist and intensive care doctor explains how COVID-19 can wreak havoc on the body Dr John Granton
25 mars 2020 COVID-19 is much more widespread in the community than people realize Dr Samir Gupta