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Selected images of the Chest CT, performed on April 13, 1999:

You can note the following features:
- lobulated low-density structure, 4.4 cm
- right paratracheal region
- fine rim of enhancement
- no calcification or internal septae
- no hilar or mediastinal abnormalities

He was then referred on to the Respirology Clinic at the Alberta Children's Hospital, where he attended in April of 1999. At the time of the clinic visit, he had absolutely no current respiratory symptoms, no systemic symptoms, no fever, and family history negative for lung disease.

His physical exam revealed a healthy-appearing child with normal vital signs, and a completely normal respiratory, cardiovascular, abdominal, and general examination.

The most likely diagnosis was felt to be a bronchogenic cyst, and he was referred to a General Surgeon on the same day.


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