CTS Endorsement Policy

CTS will only endorse and lend its brand and credibility to a project or initiative led by individuals or third party organizations if an official representative of the Society has been involved from the outset.

The official CTS representative must be appointed by the CTS Board (or by the Executive acting on behalf of the Board).

Participation/involvement by an individual who may also be a CTS member does not automatically position the CTS to endorse a project. This decision can only be officially made by the Board/Executive of the Canadian Thoracic Society.

All requests for (or assumptions regarding) CTS endorsement must be brought to the attention of the CTS Board/Executive via the Executive Director, with adequate lead time for review, consultation and decision-making.

All requests will be presented to the CTS Board/Executive and assessed on an individual basis for alignment with the CTS mission, mandate and strategic plan priorities. The Board/Executive may refer the request to a standing committee or clinical assembly for consultation, input and agreement on the project before making a decision on official CTS involvement. The clinical assembly or standing committee Chair will be consulted on the appointment of an official CTS representative.

If the CTS Board/Executive agrees to official CTS involvement, then a representative(s) will be appointed on behalf of the CTS.  The appointed CTS representative(s) may be:

  • a member of the relevant clinical assembly or standing committee or
  • a member of the CTS Board or Executive.
  • a content and/or process expert from within the wider CTS membership. This option will be considered, depending on the initiative.

Once CTS representation is formalized, there will be an expectation of ongoing communication with the CTS about the progress of the initiative. The official CTS representative will engage the relevant clinical assembly or standing committee to provide input at various stages of the process.  The initiative will become part of the clinical assembly or standing committee work plan.

CTS will ensure that it works with all parties to work expeditiously with the common goal of developing an excellent product, incorporating key Royal College educational principles and standards.

The final product must include the input/feedback provided by the CTS.  The clinical assembly or standing committee must review the final product in full and approve it before making a recommendation to the CTS Board/Executive for endorsement.

Once approved by the CTS Board/Executive, the CTS logo may be provided to the third party to demonstrate CTS’ support for and official endorsement of the initiative.

The CTS reserves the right to decline final endorsement of the product, program or initiative in the event that the final product does not reflect the above-noted principles and procedures.

The CTS will not endorse any documents, programs, projects, reports, or initiatives if asked to do so after the project has been completed.