Pediatric Cross Canada Rounds


Pediatric Cross Canada Rounds were started in 1997 by Dr. Sheldon Spier to fill some of the gaps in the training programs across the country.  The web-based platform for these rounds was previously sponsored by AstraZeneca through an unrestricted educational grant and since 2018 has been provided by the Canadian Thoracic Society.


  1. Share rare cases with colleagues to increase exposure to different pathology
  2. Discuss discussion and management of patients so fellows from different programs can  observe the variety of approaches across the country, and assess what is evidence based and what is institutional practice
  3. Provide up to date fellow-level literature reviews on topics as a method of continuing medical education for participants


Accredited by the Royal College since 2015 as a Section 1 Group learning accredited activity (1 credit per hour).  Attendance is taken by way of returned evaluation forms and CME certificates are emailed at the end of each calendar year.


Cases posted from 2000 to 2009 can be found here. Since then, cases haven’t been posted but feedback from previous fellows has been that the cases are a useful resource. Starting in 2017, we have been requesting fellows to submit their presentations to post on the CTS website. If consent has been obtained from a patient or family to post the case, then the full presentation with all of the case details and discussion will be posted. If consent has not been obtained then only a brief description of the case with the discussion will be posted.


The schedule is posted below. Please let Dr. Zofia Zysman-Colman or Dr. Christopher Gerdung know of any changes so that the schedule is updated and correct evaluation forms are sent out.  If you switch with another fellow, please keep the presentation type that was scheduled for that slot.


Drs Christopher Gerdung and Zofia Zysman-Colman, Cross Canada Rounds Co-chairs (

Joan Thibault, Cross Canada Rounds Administrative Coordinator

Cross Canada Rounds Advisory Committee: Dr. David Zielinski, Dr. Martha McKinney, Dr. Allison Carroll, Dr. Melinda Solomon, Dr. Glenda Bendiak, Dr. Connie Yang


Cross Canada Rounds Presentation Schedule 2019-2020
Presentation Types and Evaluation Form
Posting Presentations online
How to use GoToWebinar