Knowledge Translation Tools and Resources

The CTS Toolkit includes information about existing knowledge implementation tools such as continuing professional development resources, practice-based tools, eHealth tools and other such tools. Tools are included in this website if they are concurrent with evidence-based recommendations in CTS guidance documents. Our website clearly indicates which tools are “CTS Tools” (i.e. produced by the CTS) vs “Non-CTS Tools,” which tools have published research evidence demonstrating their effectiveness (“Validated”), and whether the production/evaluation of a tool was funded by private industry (“Industry-Supported”). For definitions of each of these categories, please see the CTS funding and promotion policy for guidelines, guidance documents and related knowledge translation products.

Only “CTS Tools” and tools for which the CTS logo cts logo appears are endorsed by the CTS, in accordance with the CTS Endorsement Policy & Practice. Other resources are not formally endorsed by the CTS, and in many cases have not been formally evaluated. This is meant to be a repository of existing resources, and users are advised to assess the relevance and validity of each resource for their own context before use.