Annual CTS Research Poster Competition at ATS

The goal of the annual CTS Research Poster Competition is to recognize excellence in respiratory research and to provide young investigators with a forum for the interchange of ideas.  The competition showcases the contributions of up and coming Canadian researchers in a format that facilitates networking among peers and with national leaders in respiratory research and the international respiratory research community.  The poster competition is a partnership initiative of the CTS and the American Thoracic Society (ATS). Established investigators associated with the CTS adjudicate the top 30 posters selected from all of the abstracts submitted to the ATS International Conference by Canadian-based respiratory research trainees, graduate students and clinical and basic research fellows.  The selected posters fall into two streams: clinical and basic science research. The 2020 research poster competition was cancelled due to COVID-19.

9th Annual CTS Research Poster Competition at ATS

The 9th annual CTS Research Competition took place on Saturday, May 18, 2019 in Dallas, Texas as part of the American Thoracic Society Conference.

The 2019 winner of the James C. Hogg Basic Research Award

 Congratulations to Joshua McGrath from McMaster University
Abstract Title:  Inhibition of Nasal and Systemic IgA Responses by Cigarette Smoke Exposure in Mice

The 2019 winner of the Frederick Hargreave Clinical Research Award

Congratulations to Sarah Svenningsen from McMaster University
Abstract Title:  Airway Luminal Contributors to Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ventilation Heterogeneity in Severe Asthma

Clinical Research First Runner-Up: Manali Mukherjee, McMaster University
Abstract title:  High Failure Rate of Anti-IL-5 Therapies in Prednisone-Dependent Asthma is Associated with Airway Autoimmune Responses

Clinical Research Second Runner-Up:  Rachel Eddy, Western University
Abstract title:  CT Airway Count as a Biomarker of Asthma Pathogenesis:  Severe Asthma and ACOS in Never-Smokers

Basic Science First Runner-Up:  Mirabelle Ho from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Abstract title:  Exosomes Released from Lymphangioleiomyomatosis – Derived Smooth Muscle-Like Cells Mediate Endothelial Cell Apoptosis and Vascular Network Disruption

Basic Science Second Runner-Up:  Christopher Pascoe, University of Manitoba
Abstract title:  Investigating the Link Between Gestational Diabetes and Risk of Asthma in Offspring Using a Mouse Model

A special thanks to our speakers, Dr. Andréanne Côté for her inspiring talk about her journey as an early career researche, and Dr. Christopher Carlsten for his talk and insights on research and social media.





The judges had a difficult time selecting the winners, as there were so many outstanding posters!  Thank you for volunteering your time and efforts.

Kjetil Ask, Ynuk Bossé, Lisa Cameron, Andrew Halayko, Geoffrey Maksym, Robert Newton, Odette Allonby, Jean Bourbeau, Miranda Kirby, Larry Lands, Basil Petrof, and Clare Ramsey!