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Harutai Kamalaporn, MD.
Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Respiratory Medicine,
The Hospital for Sick Children
University of Toronto


A 9 year old girl presented with a history of hemoptysis 3 times in 2 weeks. She coughed up almost 2 cups of fresh blood through her mouth and nose while sitting in the classroom. She had a repeated episode of bloody coughing again the next day. She was brought to the emergency department in a local hospital and a Chest x- ray was done. "Blood work" and urinalysis examination were unremarkable. A 3rd episode of bleeding then occurred 2 weeks later. Her mother called the emergency medical service and she was brought to the local hospital. Her vital signs were stable without any supplemental oxygen requirement. She was then transferred to the Hospital for Sick Children after initial investigations.

What else would you like to ask about in the history?

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