Welcome to Cross-Canada Paediatric - Respiratory Residency Rounds

How to Use This Archive Site

This site is intended to be partially interactive. In addition to posting a case, we felt that it would be useful to provide an area where the viewer could collect his or her thoughts

You will be prompted throughout the site to offer a differential diagnosis, or view a diagnostic test or make other comments. These comments will not be saved, stored or read by anyone else. At this point this is simply a place for you to compare your thoughts and actions with the actual case scenario. These pauses are exactly where our case presenter requested information from the live group. There may be more than one way to manage a particular case and pausing for your thoughts will allow you to compare management from colleagues from around the world. We hope this will enhance your learning experience.

The discussion area is case specific and is available as read only when a new case is posted. If you wish to add any PEARLS or comments to archived cases, you would do so in the in the discussion area of the current case. Please make sure you reference the case you are commenting on.

Past cases, complete with discussion areas and bibliographies, can be referenced through the Case Archives.