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The preliminary investigations were within normal limits (CBC, electrolytes, _-fetoprotein and (alpha) hHCG). The latter were done to rule out Teratomas.

Anesthesia and surgical consults were sought.

Under general anesthesia and in the supine position a midline sternotomy incision was done and the mass was removed. The tumor was a soft yellow mass with a weight of 3080 gm and size of 33 x 23 x 8 cm.

ENLARGE the tumor.

It was described to be originating from the thoracic inlet at the thymus gland. Histopathology revealed normal thymus tissue, adipose and fat tissue.


The patient was admitted to the intensive care unit for 1day, and her course was uneventful apart from a small pleural effusion and a pneumothorax, which resolved spontaneously. She was managed to be transferred to the general ward and was discharged home after 4 days.

Follow up PFT after 1 month showed improvement in FVC and FEV1 both to 69% of predicted value.

One month post-op PFT

ENLARGE the one month post-op PFT.

Clinically there was a significant improvement in her symptoms and increase in her exercise tolerance. She was symptom free after 8 months of the surgery and her PFT showed dramatic improvement.

Eighth month post-op PFT

ENLARGE the eighth month post-op PFT.

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