Ms. Sandy Fodey, Ontario Ventilator Equipment Pool, Kingston, ON
Ms. Kathy Walker, CANVent Respiratory Unit, The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, Ottawa, ON

A hands-on education workshop for respiratory healthcare professionals to understand and practice mechanical cough assist and lung volume recruitment techniques and their role in secretion clearance. Led by two respiratory therapists, one from CANVent (Canadian Alternatives in Noninvasive Ventilation) Respiratory Services at the Ottawa Hospital, and the other from the Ontario Ventilator Equipment Pool (Kingston), this workshop will be of interest to respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and others providing care to patients requiring non-invasive airways management. The session will include a brief review of the literature on mechanical insufflation/exsufflation and peak cough flow as well as current recommendations and guidelines for clinical use and the process for acquiring cough assist unit. There will be time for participants to practice their new knowledge in a break-out session.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe PCF and its role in M-IE;
  • Summarize essential skills for effective MIE; and
  • Effectively set up and use M-IE for treatment on NMD patients.