Dr. Judy King, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
Mrs. Cinde Little, Community Pediatric Asthma Service, Calgary, AB
Ms. Colleeen Makarowski,University Lung Clinic, Edmonton, AB

Why doesn’t everyone follow the advice of his or her health care professional? Communication skills and a variety of teaching tools are key but this is a complex question with no single answer. With changes in the workplace and easy access to health information for all users of the healthcare system, health educators need to be flexible and provide messages in new ways. During this interactive workshop we will look at the barriers to health education for both the health care professional and the learner. The session will combine presentations, group work and time for sharing ideas. Topics will include knowledge translation, health literacy, novel tools, changing work environments and strategies for everyone including 21st century learners.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • identify an aspect of their patient education interventions that they can improve to be better client/patient-oriented practitioners;
  • list potential solutions for their workplace to remove current barriers to clients/ patients to receive effective educational messages; and
  • initiate a brainstorming session in their workplace to identify current barriers for health care professionals to provide effective patient education and identify potential solutions.