Presenter: Dr. Nathan Hambly
Moderator: Dr. Kerri Johannson

Fibrotic interstitial lung diseases (ILD) are a spectrum of lung disorders characterized by parenchymal fibrosis. Fibrosis represents a final common pathway for conditions that can originate through distinct pathophysiological mechanisms including autoimmunity, granulomatous inflammation, organic and inorganic dust exposure, and other injurious insults. An important subset of patients with fibrotic ILD experience progressive clinical, physiological, and radiographic decline, with an associated reduced quality of life and long-term survival despite conventional therapies. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is the prototypical fibrotic ILD, however, other ILD subtypes behave comparatively.  During this presentation we will describe the PF-ILD phenotype and the implications its identification have on clinical management.

At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the PF-ILD phenotype and identify progression in patients with Interstitial Lung Disease; and
  • Identify which ILD patient has the PF-ILD phenotype in clinical practice and understand appropriate treatment options.

CanMEDs Competencies Addressed

Collaborator, Leader, Medical Expert, Scholar

This session is co-developed by the Canadian Thoracic Society and Boehringer Ingelheim and is planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance.